True Ghost Stories During The Month of October

             “Are there such things as ghosts?”  This question has echoed from the lips of most everyone from child to elder.  Often I find that I have been approached with that very question, by those hoping for a straight answer.  I know in truth that I can tell no man, woman, or child what to believe, however; I dare say this.  I do believe in the supernatural.  It is not that I am a writer searching for an audience that I say this.  In fact, it’s not like that by any means.  I believe, because I have seen and experienced too much in my dreadfully short lifetime to deny the existence of ghosts and wandering spirits.

             It is, in all due reality, these experiences, which lead me to begin researching the world of the supernatural, and the occult.  Before I go any farther, I want to make one especially clear to those who have a lacking of understanding in these things.  Research and study are not to be confused with the practice of.  There is a difference.  That being said; back to the subject at hand.  Using the research that I had begun, I began keeping a journal of the supernatural events that my friends and I had experienced.  “Are there such things as ghosts?”  I’ll let you decide that for yourself- here’s why.

            Every year, during the month of October, I will post, at the request of some of my friends, a series of “true ghost stories”.  These ghost stories are rather intimate to me, as they will involve me, members of my family, as well as my friends, though in some instances names will be changed for the interests of those involved.  They are not a joke, nor are they by any means a hoax or a publicity act.  It is the events of most of these stories, which have helped to make me the writer I am today.  Unlike my journal, though, these stories will appear in a short story format.  I invite you to, please feel free to read, enjoy, and comment.  It’s even okay to be skeptical, however, don’t let your skepticism blind you when the truth does show itself.

            Well, for now I must leave you to return to the shadows.
                       See you in your nightmares
W. R. Frady

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