Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Taste of Things to Come

     As the 2016 season for the Legends of Lacy Road collection gets off to a start, I wanted to kick it all off with a couple of Tales for the Fireside.  These stories are just stories and nothing more.  You can tell these tales around the campfire, at a Halloween Party, during a passing thunderstorm, at your general sleepover, and so on…  The tales being presented as previews, a taste of what’s to be expected this year when the Legends of Lacy Road 2016 begin to go up. 

     About the tales- The two stories written to kick things off are of different caliber altogether.  The first, “The Thing by the Window” is a Lovecraftian style tale of macabre and horror, while the next is based on a tale I often heard mentioned in my family which was told from an old poem by James Whitcomb Riley.  I have called that one “The Goblins’ll Get Ya, if Ya Don’t Watch Out.”  The latter of these shall be released a little later and I will discuss the finer details of it then; but for now I hope you enjoy the first Tale for the Fireside- “The Thing by the Window.”

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