Saturday, October 24, 2015

About A Race Against Darkness

          This story is one that has been in the family for only a few decades.  It follows the events that occurred one night in Valdese with one of my uncles.  The name of that person has been changed out of respect for him, but if it is their or their family’s wish, I will repost this tale in its original form with his name.  Those who are familiar with this tale will know the full story.  It is a tale that should be shared, if only to let us know that sometimes there are things that await us out, in the darkness- patiently waiting for the moment when we should let our guard down, ready to tear down the walls of what we view as reality.  So as you read this tale and settle in for the night, think about what might be lingering just beyond the sanctity of your climate controlled bedroom where you have the say of who or what can enter, and remember it’s only a story- isn’t it, or is it? 

Sweet Dreams,

W. R. Frady

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